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I don’t like the idea of Lin going undercover. You roll with people long enough, and pretty soon you start thinking like ‘em.


Troy Bradshaw, Saints Row 

#wow troy how very insightful

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There is no new beginning. No second chance.
You turned to me and I wasn’t there.
You are dead. If I had taken your call, you would be alive.
It’s as blunt as that.
I’m sorry.” 

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Ladies and gentlemen, 
this is not a time for fear,
but for celebration.
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Matt Miller does not like Shepard-Boss’s driving.


Matt Miller does not like Shepard-Boss’s driving.

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On a more serious, non-pie-related note, have some concept art!

Today we feature concept art of the lovely Saint-of-all-Saints statue. We have a small version of her in Volition’s main lobby.

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"don’t talk to me, don’t look at me; i want to pretend you don’t even exist."
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Trouble With Clones DLC
Pierce disguised as Aisha performing 'Bounce Like My Checks'